Keep Calm in Lovely Lombok – Indonesia

Little known, lovely Lombok is a tiny island floating a small distance from Bali – but a world apart.  A quick enchanting escape here will have you putting down the phone and tablet.  Imagine, relaxing in gadget-free paradise

I recommend that you go here instead if you think Bali is overrun with scooters, ex-pats, pollution and audacious villas and hotels.  Lombok has pristine beaches (already discovered by surfers and divers), volcanic splendors (photographers and peak baggers relish capturing sunrise/sunset snaps), a diversity of accommodation and restaurants (and more on the drawing boards), friendly villagers (talented textile artisans and fishermen) and zero shopping malls (but plenty of entrepreneurs selling souvenirs and better goods from village stalls.)

In a world where digital devices are in constant demand of our attention, everyone needs to carve out a little time – and a secret place – to unplug.  Bring only your swimming, diving and snorkeling  gear, perhaps a surfboard, or rent them locally.

The only thing I’m taking is my camera.  –The Rainbow Rambler was on Lombok for a digital detox and degustation holiday.

See the videos: Soaking up people, places and things, Waterfall Tour

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