Travel Insurance & Tips for Those Who Roam

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Dreaming about your next trip?

Include safety in your trip planning and get prepared with current country info and travel insurance.

Rainbow Tourism.Asia brings you news about gay and lesbian travel locations in Southeast Asia.  World Nomads says “It’s smart to have adequate travel insurance when traveling in this region.”

While dreaming, here are a few responsible travel tips from the insurer we’d think are worth repeating.

  • Before leaving home learn as much as possible about the countries you are visiting – the religion and culture, the local rules and values.
  • Learn some language and don’t be afraid to use it.
  • Learn what’s appropriate behavior and body language.
  • Support locally owned businesses, hotels, restaurants and other services. Eat local food and drink local brands and brews.
  • Shop from traditional artisans and for locally made products, helping keep traditional crafts alive and favour local products over imported items. Bargain if that is a local practice, but bear in mind that a small amount to you could be extremely important to the seller.
  • Dress respectfully with an awareness of local standards. Dress modestly at religious sites and check what swim wear is suitable for pools and the beach.
  • Always ask first before photographing or videoing people. Send them back copies of photos to help make it a two-way exchange.
  • Be wary of giving gifts or money to beggars, children and people you have just met. Supporting the community through a local school, clinic or development project may be more constructive.
  • Leave only footprints … take care of the environment as you would your own home.
  • Respect the elderly as they are respected all through Asia.
  • Smile and have fun!

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