Video: Soaking up people, places, things on Lombok

Lombok is becoming more and more popular as a world tourist destination with a new international airport, direct flights from around SE Asia, and plenty of tropical chic. It’s Bali in the 60s, without the crowds and concrete. More than just for surfies and divers, Lombok is now attracting foodies, romantics and adventurers. The Rainbow Rambler team took two day trips – one for trekking to a waterfall, one to explore traditional villages and hidden beaches.

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FollowMe, LoveU – Taipei Dance Party

Club JumP, one of Taipei’s most popular clubs will yet again host its famous FollowMe LoveU party on Saturday, 22 February. Featuring DJ’s Tiger, Will Hsu and Stone, it is bound to be one of the hottest nights of the year. Add some hot Manhunt gogo dancers to the mix and the club will truly […]